Do you get served portions in life? Do you measure these portions based on the past, present, or future? Portions mean many different things depending on the context. Do you serve portions of food to your family? Do you notice when you miss one ingredient in a cookie recipe, it throws off the entire batch? We just celebrated an ISU victory, and made my Mom’s famous chocolate chip cookie recipe. My son was helping me whip up a batch, and in our labor of love we forgot to add the vanilla. Typically, her cookies yield a double batch of delightfulness, but when one ingredient is missing it messes up the taste of the cookie.

Life can be like that…when we forget about portions of goodness, portions of bitterness creep back into our hearts. When portions of resentment still remain in the next generation, it is difficult to continue to serve up forgiveness. Past portions do not have to determine what the future portions will look like. If we stay stuck in the past portion, we forget about the healing portion that has already happened, and the future portion of hope that echoes back to us.

When we serve up Portions of Life we gather at our table in oneness to serve and share:

Forgiveness of the past for that’s where it should stay.

Hope that resentment that still has a stronghold, somehow releases and let’s go.

Healing for future generations to forgive and find comfort in it.

Peace in living life with portions. Portions of love to share with the world, portions of living life without regret, portions of finding joy in everyday life, and portions of letting your light shine so brightly it ignites in others! Let your portion create a oneness that even if one ingredient is missing, it still is delightful!