As the candle lights up the darkness on these early morning November days, I reflect on how can we be a light for others? How can we glow and dance like the candle wick? As the days get shorter, the darkness & cold start to find its way into Iowa, many want to retreat! Many seek comfort in another state for warmth or decide they no longer want to live in the harsh Iowa winters.

Light seems to reflect out of others when they share their struggles, share their joys, share their lives with others so they can connect at a deeper level with one another. When we share our lives with others, we also share our light! Sometimes our light goes dim…that doesn’t mean we still do not have light, it just may mean that person is going through something and their light is getting tested. The main thing is to not let your light go out! Do not surrender to the pressures and tests of this life for they only last a little while. Do not give up on your life purpose as that is the fuel for your flame! Do not compare yourself to others as that only opens up questions that cannot be answered.

Let your light shine, be encouraged today to reignite your purpose if it has gone dim, and be a light in someone else’s darkness. Light up the world, and share your brightness with those that surround you in pure joy!