Have you ever pondered the variety lights and all their meaning? CANDLELIGHT glows and offers a feeling of comfort and peace as we watch the flame dance off the wax. Candlelight calms our senses as our favorite scent lingers in the air and refreshes our space. Candlelight honors the loss of a loved one in remembrance, and grounds others during a prayer service. Candlelight warms the soul, senses, and wraps us in comfort…

A SPOTLIGHT is a bright light that shines light on something that needs attention! This type of light is bold in wanting to be noticed by others and demands attention. This type of light usually fades as it can’t withstand the pressure of needing to be noticed all the time.

A CAMPFIRE LIGHT is a contained fire that offers warmth and takes the chill out of our bones. A campfire creates unity in those that relax around it. As the fire burns, it creates a glow that mesmerizes us in wanting to watch the flames dance in the light breeze. As we watch the wood being transformed into ash, we put another log on the fire to keep the chill away and enjoy others that surround us in oneness.

Wrapped in Light Soy Candles