Sayings…today is March 1st and they say this month comes in like a Lion and out like a Lamb.  However, with the warmer weather this week this saying doesn’t hold the promise if you associate it with only the weather.  If you look to other sayings that are fixed and not variable, I would focus on the Alpha and the Omega or our beginning and eternal ending.  

Just as with any season in our lives: We are born, we laugh, we live, we cry, we rejoice, we sing, we dance, we play, we work, we forgive, we help, we lead, we follow, we support, we let go, we promise, we encourage, we connect, we serve, we inspire, we heal, we hope, we grow, we LOVE, and we blossom to our final resting place.  Just as Spring is a time for new flower blossoms, new color, new grass/leaves, and new life we too can blossom into a life that is filled with COLOR and petals. Beginnings, endings, and everything in between can be captured with any floral arrangement with the Vase of Life and our forever keepsakes, Infinite Links.  Check out our website for wholesalers at or our vendor profile at flower shop network:  Enjoy blossoms, love, and life with the Vase of Life!