LOVE…on display

Everywhere you go, stores have Valentine’s Day products displayed to promote LOVE!  Hearts in red and pink are scattered everywhere to remind us to think of those we love during Valentine’s Day.  Candy manufactures make and distribute candy specific only for Valentine’s Day, while Floral and gift shops remind us to give flowers and gifts to those we love.   Displaying and sharing our love on Valentine’s Day is great, but what happens the rest of the year after the flowers have died, and the candy is gone?

I was reminded of everyday LOVE in action this past week while serving a special meal.  While we may not think of loving those we don’t know, our actions sometimes reveal it without us even realizing it.   A special lady thanked and thanked us for serving her a meal, and told us the only ingredient that mattered in the meal was love.  With tears in my eyes, I thought to myself, we were making a difference in someone’s else’s life just by serving a meal.

Do we feed our own families with love each day?   Do we listen to one another, talk about our day, and come together not only for a meal but as one unit working for the common goal of a family?  Are we too busy to sit down and eat together, are the kids on their phones while they eat, or do we eat quickly to move onto the next thing we must get done?  Something that sounds old fashioned, like eating a meal together, can be the glue that keeps a family connected, keeps a family talking, and keeps a family together.   At the end of our day, it shows our family that we love them to make a meal, and want to spend time with them.  Display love everyday in your home, to strangers, and to other family and friends!

  Love bears all things, endures all things, Love never fails.