Loving through the pain…seems like a contradiction to some.

The old saying, “Love makes the world go around” remains true even in all the texting, technology, and cold vibes that go on in our world today. A warm smile, a handshake, and a kind greeting still crack the coldest of ice personalities, still connect us to each other, and still send a message that love is alive.  Even in war, and hearing another young life has been claimed by Isis, something good is able to come shining out of the situation.  How can someone so young risk her life to help others in need?  As I watched and heard the story of the young woman, she inspires us with her letters of hope to her family.   Her letter still sends a ripple of love as she embraces her pain in captivity.  Words of hope, words of peace, and words of knowing that she was where she felt called to be.  In death, words that were shared with her family, and for the entire world to hear.  Somewhere in the horrific tragedy and darkness, we’re still able to see a glimpse of light, of love, and of purpose.

 Tragedy seems to bring compassion to the surface, and many respond with the magnetic forces of wanting to help others with their service, with their support, and with their prayers.  Tragedy brings out the best in people.  I ask why can’t people respond that way in everyday life?  Why does it have to take something tragic for others to show love, caring, and purpose?  I don’t have the answer, but for those who love without a tragic event in their life, thank you for your selfless acts.  May we all love freely and on purpose, for we never know what events will shape our future. Don’t wait for a tragic event to show someone how much you love them!