Do you believe in the Law of Attraction? Well, if it is true, then the Universe is trying to send me a message about love. Over the past several years, I have seen Hearts in almost everything. I’ve taken photos along this journey, and have decided to share my collection today.

My fountain is overflowing with heart rocks that I have found in many places. The precious ones I have written where I found them, and the event that goes with the rock. I found a purple heart on my Grandson’s first day of picking him up from kindergarten. I found a small rock in the creek at the Montgomery woods, several in Arizona with friends, one at my Grandparents grave, one on my birthday, one walking with a dear friend, and on and on it goes…

My rocks tell a story about the seasons as well. If you look at the bottom left picture, it shows a heart in the winter snow as I was walking on my path and concerned about something at the time. The leaf heart I found on the path as well. It has been transformed and weathered to fall from the tree of life waiting for the next season of Spring and new Life.

I find hearts in food all the time…From the steak my parents raise on their family ranch, to the donut that Liam and Papa John have as their tradition every 3rd Saturday of the month. The sweetness of the heart doesn’t stop with the donut. It continues to the salty and sour of the chip and pickle. It shows up at the center of the onion that has layers to get to the heart. These layers need to be pealed back to get to the heart that was buried.

As with any story, my hearts tell a story of feeding my family with love. When I see a heart in the bread of life it reminds me that I need to keep loving everyone, and the tomato heart is the bearing of the fruit of love. The coral rocks are a reminder of salty oceans that are infinite, refreshing, & cleansing. From my heart to yours, I hope you find love in something today!