Measures of LIFE…how do you view the years that keep scrolling by as you travel down the highway of life? The beginning of our lives is like the breath of the early morning sky, where each new day is filled with bright new beginnings. As we grow, the years begin to stack on top of one another like the bark rings on the mighty pine tree, and we begin to see the world for what it really is. It is in the eye of the beholder…if you feel hate in your heart, you will lead a revengeful life and turn sweet into bitter. If you are positive in a negative world, others will want to be in your presence and you become a magnet. If you break out of the restrictions you put on yourself, you will be set free to travel down the road as the years go passing by! The sun will shine on your face, the pine trees will stand tall and whisper in the wind, and peace will flow like a river in eternal rest… Learn more about Lisa’z .