Do you believe in miracles?  I’m a firm believer in them, but usually think they happen to other people.  Although I pray for them to happen in my life, they seemed to have taken a lot of time.  On my birthday today, I reflect on how much time has passed, and how many wonderful things that God has blessed me with.  He has blessed me with brokeness so that I could grow and change to become a better person, and be sensitive to others and their pain.  He has blessed me with a fire inside to never give up on those I love.  He has blessed me with a unique understanding to peal back the onion layers to get to the reasons why people do what they do.  Sometimes hurt and anger erect a tall barrier to healing.  Once you let the barrier down, it opens the doorway to let God work.  Surrender…when you know you can’t do anything more to help the situation, then give it to God and let him do the work.

He guides and leads me each day so I can live a peaceful life, instead of worrying about tomorrow.  He has lifted me up out of my past and helped heal and restore me.  He has truly blessed me with my children to nurture, a caring husband, and family/friends to share my life.   He has blessed me with a church community that is striving to work together, and become one.   He has gifted me with new skills, and has put connections in my life to take Infinite Links to new growth levels.  He is always working…in all our lives.  The difference between receiving a miracle or not is letting God make it happen.  We just need to open up our eyes to see it happening.  All the glory is for God, and I am truly blessed more than I could have ever imagined!