Chains…how do you view them?  They can be viewed as an Anchor with heavy chains to keep us and our boats grounded during a storm, they can be a chain that wraps around our wrists and ankles that keeps us tied down in prison, or they can be an uplifting never ending family (link) chain that passes on our beliefs for generations to come.  

Our world changed when our Grandson, Liam, was born.  Wow, no one was ready for this new little link to arrive in our family.  Once he was born, struggles and chains seem to be prevalent at every turn in our family.  I come to find that he seems to be the link that keeps us all UNITED.  He is that smile filled with innocent JOY that is like a magnet attracting us all in to spend time and love him.  He doesn’t have an “agenda”, he doesn’t care about money or fame, or what type of house you live in or what car you drive.   I suppose that is how most children are, and if we can look to them as an example of how we as adults should live, we can release the heavy chains that try and keep us down.  We can view a chain as a lightweight link of oneness in a never ending chain. 

This blog was inspired by my Grandson, Liam, watching Moana.  It is the only movie he will watch for any length of time.  In his One Love shirt from Jamaica, we love the song “we know the way”  HOME.  “We read the sun and the sky when the the son is high.  We sail the length of the sea on the ocean breeze.  We name every star, we know who we are.  We are explorers reading every sign, and we tell the stories of our elders in a NEVER ENDING CHAIN”.   View your chains as lightweight links to release what holds you down, to inspire you to greater heights, and to explore who you really are!