slide.003 Thanksgiving…special times are quickly approaching.  Our homes will soon be filled with those we love nearby.  In our homes and in our hearts, we cherish the times we can spend with family.  In an attempt to balance the holidays with all the other stresses and noise we encounter in our lives, I find that keeping a daily gratitude journal keeps me grounded.   One photo that I cherish captures the grandkids taking time to write down, on a special piece of paper, all the things they are grateful for that Grandma and Grandpa do for them.  My sister and I did this years ago, not even realizing how they made Grandma and Grandpa feel appreciated, but how it brought them together to share the moment.  The framed piece now hangs in the family room of our first home at Grandma and Grandpa’s house.  What a fun thing to do with kids during the season of Thanksgiving. Being grateful for everything we’ve been blessed with, and even the things we haven’t, keeps us grounded for the things that really matter in life.