Have you ever wondered what it would be like if you could see what’s over the rainbow? Would there be a pot of gold, with the lucky charm Leprechaun, waiting for your arrival? Somewhere over the rainbow way up high would your troubles really melt away like lemon drops, and would happy little bluebirds fly over the rainbow to make all your dreams come true? The rainbow in all its beautiful color comes with the rain….the clouds and storm…soft or violent.

The storms of life are for us all. Some storms are violent with destruction, some are peaceful drops of rain that release healing and hope. Whatever storm you are in, just know that you’ll have to go through it to come out on the other side. There might not be a leprechaun or blue bird singing, but healing and knowing you made it through to see the colorful transformation of your journey.

As a child, we are in awe of the rainbow and the fantasy of the pot of gold. I even get excited when I see the promise of the rainbow. My Grandson made this craft with his Mom, and sent the photo a few years ago. It sits by his bedside as a reminder of how we all can be colorful in our lives. The RED is to love and be kind. ORANGE is for hope in all things. YELLOW is finding joy in every situation. GREEN is for thanks and gratitude always. BLUE is for trusting in God. PURPLE is for peace. The next time you see a rainbow, smile and share your colorful life with others.