What does it mean to transform our pain to power?   We begin with our painand how we deal with it.  Do we carry it with us everywhere we go, or do we find peace in forgiving and healing?  As we all know, forgiving and forgetting is much easier said than done.  The more I connect with people in my own life journey, the more I’m exposed to other’s hurtful pain.  We have all been hurt from either a family member, friend, or stranger. We wonder why words can either lift us up or cut us down, and how they carry such significant power?  Power of destruction in anger, power to hate, power to make someone feel less, power to destroy our own families.  Hurtful words are like a sharp double edged sword—they cut us to our core, make us bleed, and sometimes our wounds never heal from the piercing.   Words can either destroy or empower us.

Transform your pain to power by starting right now!  Begin to view your pain in a different way.  Pain is something we all have to deal with, but if you continue to FOCUS on your pain, then it’s like someone holding your head under water.  You can’t breathe, and you drown in your own misery.  Try to understand why the hurt was projected at you, the emotional state of the person who hurt you, and why you let someone else steal your happiness.  Try to get beyond the words that feel like weapons, and forgive that person.  Begin to build up your home, instead of tearing it down with words that wound.   We can all learn from even the smallest creatures who seem like a nuisance, but pollinate our world.  The wasp.  The female builds up her home.  She chews bark from trees, posts, cardboard and regurgitates it back up to build her paper home for her babies.  She creates a home from regurgitating love, not pain.  Speak words that inspire and uplift our children, our loved ones, and strangers…  What do you keep regurgitating in your life?  Your past mistakes, and not forgiving others, or love and forgiveness?

Redeem yourself, set yourself free…  Big Daddy Weave Inspiring Song Redeemed