Does living in Peace feel like a privilege for only a select few? Are you peaceful when your life is going the way you had hoped? What happens when your peace is disrupted by the sudden loss of a loved one, a divorce, a scary health diagnosis, or losing your job? What happens to your peace then? Does your peace fly away like the dove in flight carrying the olive branch? Does your peace turn into worry or fear of the unknown road ahead? Does your grief turn into a wave that keeps you crushed with sadness with no relief in sight?

During times like these, peace is the wave that crashes and then turns into soft ripples of calmness. Peace is the hope in knowing a new job will come along that fits your purpose better than the job you had before. Peace is after the divorce is final, you grow as a person and find inner peace. Peace in losing someone is knowing that the Prince of Peace is wrapping them in his loving arms waiting for our arrival to join the embrace. May we all find our inner peace and the anchor it provides during war, disease, suffering, grief, and living life to the fullest no matter what is happening in our world.