I find peace walking along the white sugar sand beaches in the Gulf Shores… Peaceful walks along the beach with the warm breeze blowing the waves to ripple and fall onto the shore…walks with thousands of sea shells is a treasure to find something unique in color, shape, or the size of a heart. The beach and coastal waters take one away to such a relaxed state of mind where you connect with nature at a deeper level. It reminds me of a place where I’m called to let go & relax.

Let go of work, let go of worry, let go of the past, let go of regrets, let go, and just be. Just live life to the fullest in a state of wonder and awe of what tomorrow will bring, but a state of Joy of where I am today. Does one have to go on vacation to have these types of feelings? For me, it’s getting away from home where my work resides. I bring work with me of course to blog, to share, to hopefully inspire others in my journey.

I have found Peace to be a deep inner part of who I am, or called to be. I find Peace in the sound of the wave as they hit the shore. The most relaxing sound to help sleep and calm the soul. I find Peace as I talk to a stranger on the beach about sand dollars, and they begin to tell me where they are from and the number of years they have been coming to the same beach. Small talk, but still walking away feeling good about a meaningful conversation.

I find Peace in uniting with forever friends sharing meals at the table, laughing about memories of the past, and being so comfortable with each other they are called family to me. Making new memories with friends is a treasure that is to be held in the depths of the heart. Go on vacation, feel peace walking along the beach in a tropical setting. Better yet, find it in your heart each and everyday as you seek your passion and purpose for this thing called life. Find meaning in your life, know that you are called to something outside of yourself to find eternal peace. May we all have peace WITHIN no matter where we are in the world.