We all reap what we sow.  Reaping and sowing was instilled in me at a very young age.  Growing up as a ranchers daughter, my family worked the land, planted seeds to yield crops to feed the cattle, and worked long hard hours.  My siblings and I were the little worker bees to help produce honey for the family.  In all the work, we lost what we were trying to produce.  Sure we came together as a strong family unit, but in all the striving and trying to produce more, we seemed to lose our purpose and get lost.  Lost in perfectionism to do things perfectly, lost in workaholism, lost in the money, lost in what life is really about.  Luckily, my parents planted seeds in fertile soil that produced fruit in their lives, and have helped so many over the years.

Do we plant our seeds, water them, and give them sunshine to grow?  Do we feed our kids with confidence, guide them with decisions, and be their security so they can become healthy adults?  Do we work together in our marriages, to unite as one, and always be there for one another? Do we work together in business for the common mission, or do we care about how we can benefit?

Reaping and Sowing is like the Golden Rule:  Treat others with respect, and you will enjoy it in return.  Do not judge, and try to walk in someone else’s shoes.  Sacrifice for what is important, and plant your seeds in fertile soil instead of rocks and weeds.  If you struggle with producing fruit, then remember that planting seeds is a delicate balance that includes love, support, kindness, courage, and hope.  Hope is knowing that with a healthy balance of all the ingredients, the seeds you plant will grow and thrive through any storm.  One of my favorite sayings: Enjoy the little things for someday you will realize they were the BIG things.