HOLISTIC HEALING…the sum of all parts of pain. To isolate pain is to apply the bandaid in the hopes the wound heals. When the bandaid is removed, sometimes there is a forever scar that is always visible. The scars we all have are a symbol of triumph over pain and hurt. They are a map to your past that will guide you towards continued healing and helping others who have also struggled with similar pain. Pain and suffering are a part of life…healing doesn’t mean you forget the pain…it simply means that you’ve survived the pain to help someone else who is suffering in deep rooted pain of losing a loved one, or some other trauma. May we all act in kind ways to one another, may we find a glimmer of hope in the sorrow, and may we HEAL and RESTORE to love one another in life and death. #mentalhealth #griefandloss #trauma #pain #love #healing #hope #restore #renew #lisazoriginals #peace #purpose