The ROAD of Life is meant to be traveled.  We all have separate roads we travel on, and the scenic view along the way is different for each one of us.  At certain times of our lives our view is plush GREEN full of new life, with bright sunshine beaming down on our road.  We feel great, and life is working.  Other times, our lives turn BROWN…we have gone through a few challenges and hardship and we begin to get lost in our hurt.  As we keep traveling our road turns into another season from BROWN  to GREY.   We lose loved ones, we divorce, our jobs are not satisfying, we are not following our life purpose.  We worry, we stress, we react, we do not foster peace in our lives….whatever it is we begin to slip away, and our heart becomes hard. 

Until one day, when you’ve had enough brown and grey and decide it’s time to start living again.  This is when you turn to RED…your heart begins to make a flame that burns, that shares love, that anchors you during life and the storms it sends (life is always going to bring a storm)….  The difference is….how you respond, how you react and how you are connected to others that pray and meet you in the storm. The life roads we travel on are separate, but when we come together in prayer we are placed on the same path where Peace can be on Earth.

The most significant component of the ROAD is the dash line.  For any stranger can read on your tombstone:  your name, the year you were born, and the year you went to heaven.  However, the dash in the middle is the most meaningful of all!  it symbolizes the years in between your beginning and ending that were meant to be lived with passion, purpose, growth, and full of life.  Make your dash (-) line count…life is meant to be lived in GREEN and RED