What’s the depth of your Love? Does it grow deep in the earth with healthy roots that continue to weave new growth? Is your love transparent so others can see genuine motives in the things you do? None of us have a perfect love… As Valentine’s Day approaches, many of us believe we need to share love with those closest to us. Sure that is great; however, what impact would one make if they handed a homeless person money to express a caring love? Personally, I do not think much about this action, but it makes my heart beat a great feeling to help someone in need. Embedded deep within my heart is that desire, and my Grandson is the one who gets to witness the action. This action started a root of love in my Grandson. Several weeks later after our acts of kindness and love, he tells me he wants to do something good for the community. My heart swells, and I ask why/what would you like to do? Thinking a 5 years old knows what the word community even means?hmmmmm….. Where is he going with this?

He then states, “I want to be like you Grandma who help people in need”….of course I discount it, and tell him I don’t do near what I should be doing and asked what he was referring to…he said, “you know when you give people money on the side of the road.” Wow, little acts of kindness can make waves in little children! God asks us to be like little children who are filled with a desire to be good, loving, kind, caring, curious, selfless, and humble. When you share love big or small one never knows the depth it can make on someone else’s heart. Show love, be love, and let your love guide you to acts that bring purpose, passion & new life to those that surround you!