I’m not sure what the weather is like in your town today with Super Bowl Sunday on the horizon, but it is freezing cold here in IOWA! As you look forward to watching the game with your buddies & friends, you’ll be surrounded by others who will be competitively LOUD to cheer on their team, you’ll be excited to watch NEW commercials for the first time, and you’ll be filled with soul food that is salty and filled with flavor! What does that have to do with ice you say?
In the midst of all the laugher and cheers you may have an opportunity (if presented) to add a little of your own salt to someone else’s life in good flavor…You can add salt by encouraging someone who needs to be uplifted in a difficult life situation, you can comfort someone who is mourning the loss of a loved one by asking how they’re doing, you can welcome a friend who has just recently gone through a divorce by inviting them to your Sunday get together. Do you have any idea how the little things in life mean more, and add up to more in the grand scheme of life? When you add salt to ice it MELTS. When you show love to others it melts resentment away, it melts frozen unforgiving hearts, and it brings unity to one another in a simple act of kindness. Enjoy the game with friends, eat the salty food, but also spread a little of your salt today to someone else who needs goodness and flavor.
Little things in life ADD UP to big things over the course of our lifetime! 
As I listened to the sermon about SALT in church this morning, I reflected back to a blog I wrote in March 2017 titled, Salt of the Earth. https://lisazoriginals.com/salt-of-… If you want to read more about how to sprinkle your flavor of salt, check out the blog link… Have a great super Sunday! Lisa