What if our lives were the hourglass, and each and every pebble of sand has served a purpose in our life. A measure in time, or lives lived. In South Dakota during the summertime, my Mom and I would watch soaps while drinking hot coffee! We would share the story of different soaps, but as I look back now it was a bond between Mother and Daughter that is woven in time. We would watch as the sand fell through the hourglass for the “Days of our Lives”. I remember watching the intro to this soap and getting a sentimental feeling. What I didn’t realize was how sand is the vessel to concrete as ants are to an army.

The soft beach sand holds memories of walks along the shore. The times when I walked in the sand, but didn’t have any footprints was when Jesus was carrying me through a difficult chapter in my life…These pebbles of sand were the times after rocks have been hit with powerful waves, over and over to create the sand in the first place. The soft white sand serves as a bed to many heart rocks found on beaches around the world.

Sand is therapeutic to the barefoot. Rocks are turned into soft sand from the waves of life. Sand is turned into cement to create a firm foundation to live on. May your sands of time be meaningful, remembered, and anchored in love.