Seasons of Life revolve around change and transformation. Just as the leaves are changing colors into beauty, we also go through seasons of life that change us on the inside and outside. Adapting is a part of being… We adapt to a new situation if we like it or not, we must adapt or it will cause us undo stress. As we adapt, our hearts are changed and we may possess different characteristics than we did before. Those who knew us before wonder where the “old” person is hiding. If we encounter many changes all at the same time, we really transform and adapt to what is coming. As you look in the mirror your reflection changes too.

When you look in the mirror what do you see? Do you see a positive, optimistic, loving person? Do you see someone who has persevered when the mirror reflection is broken into pieces? Do you see a fun spirit who loves to connect with others and make a difference? Do you see someone who wonders if we are sent a season to transform our hearts? Do you see a person who sometimes doubts the hand of God?

Whatever you see reflecting back at you…see this. We all have seasons of life we do not like. We all have seasons of doubt and uncertainty. We all have seasons where we look in the mirror and wonder where our path is leading next. We all have seasons of success where we really make a difference in someone else’s heart and life. We all have seasons where we can share our love with others in everyday living by smiling at someone, by praying for others in need, by evoking love until it reflects and shines out of you where others can feel it too. Be a season of reflection, reflect love not only to others but to that reflection looking back at you in the mirror.