Let it Snow! When you give Mother Nature permission to blanket your world in snow, you begin not to fight her or your circumstances. We are all guilty of fighting for what we believe should happen in our lives, and continue to fight instead of letting go. When a situation does not go the way we would like it to, we begin to resist rather then lean into what is happening. More times than not, if we lean in, we experience something better than we could’ve ever imagined! Perhaps a life lesson in patience or learning to trust in something bigger than ourselves.

As the snow begins to fall into pristine flakes illuminating sparkle and magic, the willow tree is a perfect example of adapting to Mother Nature’s harsh winters. As the snow begins to collect on the willow tree’s branches, the weight becomes heavy and droops the branches downward. Since the willow tree was designed to flex and not break (most times) it can adapt to this hardship of winter. We too can adapt by learning when life becomes HEAVY to let go.

We can learn from the Willow Tree to let go of our circumstances in any season. Even in hardship and pain, we can rebound like the Willow. May we all be reminded of the beauty of snow, and the innocence of children creating snow angels with their hands and feet… Products with Let it Snow ~ https://lisazoriginals.com/?s=Let+it+Snow