Snowflakes are falling softly and quietly from the sky on this early March morning…as they fall~ they dance, twirl, shine, and sparkle as they find their unique resting place on earth. They add a kiss of white beauty to the brown trees and grass. They also add a fresh blanket of powder for animals and humans to leave their footprints in. I wonder if the saying is true that no two snowflakes are alike, and each one has their own personality?
I suppose we will never know the answer to that question, but if it is true then we are like the snowflake. We each have our own individual finger and footprint, we have our own unique gifts to bring to earth, and we can add a kiss of beauty to the world if we choose.
Nature tells a story of its own…even when the sun isn’t shining, there is beauty in the snowflake as it falls to earth, there is beauty in the day when we don’t listen to the news, there is beauty in the day when we don’t have to be noticed on social media, and there is beauty in the day when we focus on what truly matters in life and use it to our best ability. Not to brag, not to boast, not to compete, but rather to become like the snowflake falling TOGETHER to make a difference, and use our unique gifts we were given for the same purposes.