Personally, I love sparkles…Sparkles in the recent snow that my Grandson’s inquires about. We look in awe and wonder of the pure snow as it falls from the sky, and creates a landscape of shimmering diamonds. After a day or two, the sparkles seem to get overlooked with dirt and ruts where the snow and ice form to create driving hazards. As you drive, the ruts have a way of pulling your car in directions you don’t want to go. Sometimes we even get stuck in the ruts…the ruts of life. Someone once told me a rut is like a GRAVE…there are sides that keep you in and stuck.

Working in the funeral industry, I guide families to their final resting place, not a grave. A grave is a rut for the living, where the granite sparkles still shimmer under ground, calling you out of the darkness. A final resting place is not a rut, but rather a place of peace. Peace in knowing that we are at eternal rest where the worries of this world melt away like the new snow…Peace is LIVING life each day looking for the sparkles in life that appear right before our eyes. Peace is always being grateful even if you are in a rut because when you are called out of the rut, life SPARKLES!