The calm after the storm will be forever in our memories…High winds of 100+ miles an hour rocked our community, and spread along many states at the speed of wind. The speed of wind? Have you thought about the wind and all the meanings for it? A soft wind (or breeze) cools us off on a hot summer’s day, and helps reduce our body temperatures. We welcome a breeze on our face and find it to be cool, refreshing, and inspiring!

A gust wind usually annoys us if we are trying to read a book outside, and our pages keep turning before their time. With every page we struggle as the wind tries to lift and rip the pages from their anchor spine.

A strong damaging wind brings about havoc and destruction. Damaging trees, houses, power lines, cars, and anything in its path. We usually remember these types of winds for the damage they leave behind.

A spiritual wind is called the holy spirit. It inspires us on a breezy day to remind us we still have work to do in linking people together forever. It reminds us our book of life might not be ready to turn the page when we feel it is our time, and it keeps us grounded and anchored when the speed of wind tries to destroy.

Be the soft wind during all trials of life…it will help you through any storm you encounter in the days to come…

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