and FLY!  Image 8 Have you ever dreamed you were flying?  Most of us probably have, and mine have varied over the years.  When I was a little girl, I would take a dash run off of my parents house, bend my knees, and flap my arms!  Up, up, up I would begin to go higher and higher as I flapped my arms. As an adult, my dreams about flying have changed.  I just flap my arms and begin to fly.  Silly, I know, but dreams do tell us something about our inner most being.

As I watch the birds soar in the breezy sky, I wish I could really fly!  I notice how effortless they are when they glide with the wind.  Just as a feather glides, spins, and falls from the sky…with zero effort.  Quite the opposite is true when the bird goes against the wind.  He struggles, and has to put so much more energy into his wings…and he gets so tired.  Until he gets picked back up by the wind, and glides again freely up into the sky.

As my youngest son graduates this year, I’m reminded of the book that I read to him as a little boy.  It’s a story of a baby bird who has fallen out of his nest since he can’t fly yet, and hasn’t had a chance meet his mother.  He begins his walk to find her.  He goes through several animals and asks each one of them…Are you my Mother? Image  No, no, no, is the answer each time, and the story ends with the baby bird being so distraught that he cries out that he just wants his mother.  He is finally picked up and placed back in his nest, and is so happy!

Jared, my son…J Mont Senior - Print-Matte-18 May you spread your wings and fly, may you soar with the wind and not against it, may you continue to grow in your walk of life, and may my love give you roots that keep you grounded when the storms of life come.  Find your wings- Mark Harris, song from my heart to yours.