Today, I reflect on those who need prayer. I pray for families who are mourning the loss of a loved one this holiday season. There will be an empty seat at the table flooding memories back of previous Thanksgiving traditions with families and friends… I pray for comfort and strength for them today and in the days ahead. I pray for those who are hospitalized due to Covid-19 and cannot be surrounded with family. May they heal and restore back their health.

I pray for those who are trying to survive during these difficult days of job loss, isolation, and uncertainty. I pray that we can come together in grief and sorrow for better days ahead. Sometimes in life we have to experience a Valley…it is in the valley where you begin to let go and believe someone is watching over and protecting you. If we never experienced hardships in our lives, then we wouldn’t need anything or anyone. Our hearts would be selfish and hard instead of filled with empathy and hope. I pray today that we can be people filled with a grateful heart no matter what storm we are experiencing. The storm does not last forever, and we will be stronger and changed because of it. At the end of each day, be thankful for the little things in life and may God bless you… Lisa