To become Forever One carries a powerful force of unity.  We see this unity when people marry, when families work together, when the salvation army rings the bell of hope, when churches unite, when mission work helps those in need locally and around the world, and when needy children are fed through church and school programs.  We all feel the tug to belong, to be apart of something much greater than ourselves, and to make a positive difference while we are here.   How can more people get involved in the magnetic pull towards oneness?  It begins deep inside us to want to make a change, help others, and let our egos go.  When we understand nothing is about us, we can then begin to be molded to achieve our divine life purposes.

The law of attraction is defined as the magnetic force of our thoughts.  When our thoughts are positive, and we put our faith in action through prayer and gratitude, the outcome can be grand.  On the other hand, if negative attitudes and doubt dominate our thought process, then the opposite result happens.  We worry, we have anxiety, we wonder why, we fear, we blame, and we cast out a negative magnetic pull.  We bring ourselves down, and others along the way.

Think of your life as a attracts or repels depending on the position of the magnet.  It can be a powerful force that draw us near to positive people, situations, and opportunity if we continue to be positive and optimistic in prayer and daily living.   It is a basic human instinct to become one.  Be the magnet that attracts positive rather than repels negative.

Colossians 1:17 He is before all things, and in Him all things hold together…explains that Christ is before all things, and by Him all things consist. The Greek verb for consist (sunistao) means to cohere, preserve, or hold together.

Matthew West Song… It’s time, let’s do something as one!