Are you lost? Do you know the way you are going? How can our road be filled with plush green mountains of peace? We all have our map of life which we try to travel down the road to redemption. This road is filled with suffering, uncertainty, feeling lost, darkness, war, grief, and isolation. Does this road, or part of this road, sound familiar to your life? If so, you are not alone.

I’ve traveled down the road of suffering. Some of the suffering was because of bad choices, others were just the way. I found in my sufferings my road led to Joy. Joy is the result of suffering if we find the way. If we don’t find the way in our sufferings, then we succumb to feeling sorry for ourselves, depression, isolation, endless grief, feeling lost, and darkness.

As you travel down the road to your way, you’ll discover that even in the darkness of December, the shimmer, sparkle, and shine in Christmas lights illuminate a glow of Joy in any suffering. Embrace suffering in the way intended that leads to light and Joy. This light and joy cannot be achieved by traveling down the everyday road to nowhere.