Timeless connections…they take me back to when I was growing up as a little girl.  One particular comment that is etched in my memory is one from my Dad, and I never believed him as a child.  He told me the older you get, the faster time flies by!  How can that be when you hear that as a child?   As a child, a year feels like forever and summer can’t come fast enough!  Wow, he wasn’t kidding, and what happens with our time that seems to slip out of our hands?  Do we sit and look at it like sand falling down through the hour glass, or do we do something with our time that is productive and meaningful?  We all have timeless connections if we think about them or not.  We all have friends, old colleagues, and even family that we lose touch with our crazy lives and schedules.  Before we know it, the years have passed us by.

This past week has been an eye opener in how quickly time passes.  Infinite Links has taken much of my time in the last couple of years, and I never realized how much until recently.  I reached out to several old colleagues/friends of mine to discuss business, and discovered that 8 or more years have past since I last spoke to them.  The minute I heard their voices, it was like zero time had passed.  As we talked about the old days and memories, we were immediately connected again.  The ironic thing about timeless connections is we all have them, and we can all go back as if time stands still.  When we rekindle an old memory, its like a fire that never goes out.  It’s the fire inside us that connects us to someone new, that reconnects us to our past, and that keeps connecting us as we travel down new unchartered roads.  I designed Infinite Links to connect us to one another.  I’m finding out that not only is it connecting others, but reconnecting myself to those that have fallen away, and continues to connect me as I travel down new unchartered roads.  Favorite saying:  People do not remember what you’ve said to them… they remember how you made them feel.