We all experience the DEPTHS of raw emotion as we travel down the road of life and death.  The depths of grief… The pathway to grief is messy, uncertain, and different for everyone. We all have a grief fingerprint that is unique to us, and with the help of others we can heal and restore. Grief is a journey that must be walked one day at a time knowing as time moves, so does our grief. It begins to lessen as we share our grief with others in griefshare. When we share our grief, we open up our wound so others can experience the healing that comes when we share our lives with others. Note: A nationwide grief hope line connecting us in our healing – Discover it now ~ www.griefshare.com.

Our grief then begins to gain strength with the depths of prayer and hope from our family and faithful friends that hold us up. Just as we have stages of grief, we also have stages of healing. Moving towards healing in any grief is movement towards new life and freedom. As we sink to the depths of the ocean, we discover it is full of colorful fish and coral that bring abundant new life even in the depths of whatever you are walking in now. May your grief be brief, may the memories of your loved ones flood your hearts forever, and may your connections hold you in prayer. We are not meant to walk this life alone…in anything, especially grief!

Our lives are like a flower…we bloom and pass too soon. With every fragile petal, our beauty is revealed~by Lisa