GRATITUDE…did you know that a mountain of Gratitude in “simple” form can get you through anything in life? Spring cleaning of my soul, I took a photo of all my gratitude journals over the past several years to discover they gave me a new perspective on life. As we become grateful for simple things in life, we become a magnet for a positive outlook no matter what situation we are dealing with. This positive force allows you to rise above the drama in the workforce, it allows you to find the silver lining through any storm, and it brings to the surface time and time again an attitude of gratitude. To wear gratitude isn’t an easy task. To put on gratitude that fits you is one that you’ll have to discover on your own. So, I challenge you today…begin and start small. If you don’t have the discipline to start a journal, think of 3 things each day you are grateful for during meal time. Start with simple things…today I’m grateful the sun is shining, even though it’s cold outside as an example. When we become grateful, it opens the door to a force of positivity that is contagious! I hope you catch it today!