Does your life need pruning? Do you think there may be people or situations in your life that need pruned, or removed from your branches, so to speak. Several years ago I had this strange dream. I was in this tall tree with many branches, and I spent a lot of time in the tree. I had papers and clothes in my little nest, lol! As the dream went on, the branches that surrounded me slowly were removed, and I lost my footing in the tree. Good thing it was just a dream, as I thought I may fall from this tree so high up that I couldn’t see the ground.

Just like certain dreams, they stick with you. This dream has survived over the years in my memory, and I can recall it like it was yesterday. As the years went by, so did the pruning of people, situations, and anything that was not necessary in my life as it was removed. Sometimes this was painful; other times it created new life and blossoms in my life just like this African Violet photo.

The story of Violet. Violet was a kind and loving soul. A daughter, mother, grandmother and great grandmother to so many. Grandma Violet passed away last year, and to honor her they gave African Violets to her children and grandchildren. Her violet was thriving and growing because our windows let a lot of sun in. One day, my grandson threw a ball over the stairs and hit her plant. It broke off several of her leaves, and my son threw them in the trash. I dug them out of the trash and put them in water to try and propagate the leaves. After a few weeks, it had multiple roots so I planted the leaves and from the photo you can see the large broken leaf turned into many…then after a few months multiple purple blooms in honor of Vi.

Don’t be afraid of pruning in your life…it might just be what makes your life bloom even more vibrant blooms than it is right now!