From the beginning of our lives, we use vessels as a way of life…as an infant our parents use bottles as a vessel to feed us our milk so we can grow big and strong.  As we grow, our vessels change and emerge.  As a child, we rely on our parents and grandparents to be our teaching vessels.  As we grow, we depend on our teachers and coaches to teach and train us.   When we become young adults our guidance counselors, friends, and other mentors become our vessels to guide us into becoming an adult. 

Once we become an adult, our vessels come from all different types of people.  Our vessels can be church groups, close friendships, other business owners who have expertise to help guide us, our co-workers, our bosses, pastors, and the list goes on and on.  We as people are vessels each and everyday when we remember to use our life experiences to help others who are traveling down a road we have already traveled.  When we use our wisdom vessel to shine light of support and kindness to someone who desperately needs it, then you become the listening and comforting vessel they need at that point in time. 

Vessels— are not just bottles at the beginning of our lives to hold milk, vessels are not just a jar to fill a Wrapped in Light candle, vessels are not just the Vase of Life to hold flowers, water, and Infinite Links.  Finally, vessels are not just an urn to hold the ashes of someone you cherished and loved at the end of life. Vessels are the beginning and ending to life when we share something of ourselves with others.