Do you hear what I hear? Christmas is around the corner, and good cheer is echoing in the valley…The valley is a place where we question our purpose, we question why we do what we do, and we question why the weight of the world feels like a heavy ice boulder that keeps us down and defeated. We all have times in the valley…if we didn’t experience the valley, we wouldn’t know what it feels like to take on the mountain! The drive, the exhilaration, the thrill, the joy, the challenge!

To take on the mountain is one of preparation. We must face the bitter cold on our face, and the whipping wind as we climb the rugged icy mountain. We must realize that the mountain is symbolic to our life challenges and struggles, and it’s okay to rest in the climb. The climb takes on a life of its own…what does that mean? Well, when we are not climbing or staying the course with our purpose, we feel down and defeated. We feel as if we can’t do what we are called to do, and the voice of defeat is ringing in our ears!

As I look back on my life, I realize the times when I was in the valley God was with me..he lifted me up when I was defeated, he helped pick me up when I was under the boulder of life and all its weight, and he whispered in my ear saying…It is all going to be okay, Lisa…trust me. Why do we forget the history of our struggles and when God shows up to help us? Why do we take for granted when he whispers advice through a friend? I believe when we are pushed down we forget the goodness and glory that God resonates through others. We forget that he is there to help us climb the mountain, and he is there to catch us when we fall. He is our rock, our strength, and our purpose….in the valley and on tip top of the mountain…he is there cheering us on, inspiring us to keep going, and reminding us of our past when he was there. Don’t let the voice of defeat scream in your ear, and keep you down from living life and fulfilling your purpose! Be strong, carry on, and keep climbing the mountain of purpose!