Have you found new inspiration today?  As I took my short morning walk behind our home, I usually say some prayers, listen to the birds, look up at the beautiful trees, and just enjoy my walk with nature.  This morning I watched a mother duck with her babies, and then knew it was time to keep moving!   At that moment, I looked down at the path and saw the first word written with kids chalk…Listen.  I was intrigued so began to look down instead of up!  Next word was Celebrate, and  I couldn’t wait to see what word was next as I walked down the path!  Then came Peace (which was hard to see), along with amazement, wonder, dance, sing, shine, dream big, hearts, hope, love, smily faces, live, read, etc.   I began to get emotional with each new word that came upon my steps…someone took the time to write these words of hope and inspiration for whoever was open and willing to read them, and hopefully make a positive impact on them.  Sometimes words can just be words, but these words spoke to me today…It made me smile as I know that someone who follows Jesus wrote them.  Someone who wanted to share his joy and love, his hope, his peace, his amazement to live and laugh, to see his beauty in flowers and butterflies, to dance like no one is looking, to learn new things, to give someone a hug, to shine like the bright son, to believe in what we cannot see, to dream, to share and care for one another.  As I walked, I felt connected to this person, I felt love, I felt hope, and I felt INSPIRED like Jesus walked the path before me this morning!  Thank you for whoever you are, and please keep scattering words of hope to others!