What do your Waves of Life look like? Do you stay stuck in the dark clouds and lighting where healing your innermost self cannot happen? Do you replay in your mind the bad things that weigh you down like a heavy anchor of burden, and wonder if the sun will ever shine again? Let me tell you, friend—I have been there. Life is about change. We take the good with the bad, and learn to let go of those past heavy waves that cannot hold us down or drown us in grief.

When we know how to ride the wave, we can accept the changes in life as just that…LIFE as it moves with the wave, it changes, we change, we adapt, we heal from the past, and we don’t let it burden us for long. We grow, we forgive, we embrace change even if it is hard sometimes. Once we are able to accept change those waves turn into a constant energy of change. The power of the wave creates an endless life journey that is never a straight line. The wave crashes, the wave ripples, the moon reflects light off of the wave, and as the wave turns into calm GLASS…we are healed. When the waves call out your name, believe in the power of healing, hope, and oneness.