Do you ever wonder what the PURPOSE to anything in life is? As we live our lives from cradle to the grave, do we ponder if we are living our lives on purpose? Do you get up everyday with a desire to make a difference? Keeping in mind, making a difference doesn’t have to be this BIG impact. We can make an impact with showing kindness in our smile, comforting a lost girl crying for her Mom, or showing up as an anchor to your family when the waves appear.

As with any NEW season, I love planting flowers around my house. I recently thought about the steps that one goes through when adding beauty to their surroundings, and how it correlates to being a Mom. When spending time and effort on flowers I try to give them the best start to grow. I begin with a bag of Miracle GROW…this foundational base is filled with little beads of nutrients to feed the flowers so they can continue to bloom all summer long. I get excited when I see new blooms and make sure to prune the flowers that have already bloomed to allow more growth later. As with anything, one must water the flowers everyday to keep the miracle soil moist and the plant alive.

Purpose isn’t always “a THING”…it can be an ACTION to be a loving Mother to help the next generation continue building on the goodness of something started…as with any fire or purpose it needs to be fed. When we feed ourselves with positive thoughts and action to live on purpose as a vessel, we have a different outlook on the future where graves turn into gardens! Where Peace and Unity bloom in the rainbow skies. To all the loving Mom’s out there, Happy Mother’s Day!