Have you thought about why you do the things you do? Since the calendar turned to November, do you try and be more grateful for the good and bad that enters your life? With Thanksgiving around the corner, do you invite family to your house to share a meal and break bread? Why? Why do we go the lengths we go to bring others together? Is it expected of you perhaps? Is it something that you’ve always done so you just do it, or is there something deeper?

The depths of the heart are where we find ultimate LOVE that drives us to do things that are everlasting. It is a fond memory of times past when we gather together at Thanksgiving to hold hands. We stand in a circle to tell others what we are grateful for…Gratitude fuels the fire to love and respond to others in a way that keeps us grounded, keeps us peaceful, keeps us wanting to be there for others, keeps us genuine and kind.

Love is the reason I blog. To share my heart with others to connect and tug at the depths of the heart. Love is the reason for any season of life to make a difference. My reason is simple…to share love that lives on for multiple generations to come so they can embrace the reason for why they do what they do. Anchor your heart with LOVE and GRATITUDE and you will smile at any storm, you will savor the meaningful life moments, and you will find the forever in everlasting.