What do you call home?  Do you look at your house as just a structure to keep you safe from the elements of the howling wind, downpour of rain, freezing snow, bitter cold, or hot sweltering sun?   Most of us take the comfort of our homes for granted until we are faced with a natural disaster such as a hurricane, flood, earthquake, fire, or tornado.  As we listen and watch the current disasters on the news, we hear: “WE can rebuild, we still have our lives, we can clean this up and get back to normal”.  

The emotions one goes through when they have to rebuild “something” in their lives can be filled with anxiety, anger, fear, and helplessness.  I cannot relate to losing a home in a natural disaster. However, I can relate to the feelings one goes through when they try and “rebuild” after a divorce.  

Starting over is never a warm/fuzzy feeling unless you focus your foundation on something of value.  Does your foundation include life roots that continue to grow deeper with each generation?  A family you share meals with, you support each other during life’s highs and lows, and share love and values that stand the test of time.  When you combine home and business as ONE, I think of our church homes.  This blog was inspired by our church theme about home, the recent natural disasters in our country, and how people connect as one to help others during times of great need and strife.  Build your house on a firm foundation of trust, love, respect, family and friends that work together under one roof…heaven.