As we lay another 1st cousin to her final resting place, my spirit reflects on the depth of sadness our family is going through once again. We cannot run or escape death no matter how much we fear losing those buried deep in our hearts.

Those who capture and steal our hearts are the ones we feel separated from at the time of death. Our parents, children, grandchildren, family, and friends have left their footprints on our hearts and the thought of being without them is one that cripples us in grief and sorrow.

Grief is a journey that only our maker can understand. We all walk down the path of grief differently…some turn inwards and go into depression, others shut the door to grief and any feelings at all, and some stay in the cycle of grief not being able to move from grief to remembrance. Others are able to celebrate the life well lived and the time that will be forever cherished with their loved ones.

Death loses its sting with “FOREVER”…when we know in our heart God is there holding our hand in our grief, he is lovingly tapping us on our head with a touch of comfort, he is carrying us through the shadows of death, and he reminds us we will be reunited again with those we love dearly.

Even though we walk through the valley of the shadow of death, we will not fear. For you are with us; your rod and staff they comfort us all the days of our lives.