Have you ever experienced the road you’re traveling on disappear right before your eyes?  It goes something like this…I’m too busy to get involved in my community, I’m too busy to take any extra time to help someone in need, I’m too busy to call a friend who needs some support, I’m too busy to pray and lift anyone else up, I’m too busy to give more of myself…until the road you’ve been traveling on disappears and no longer is there.  What does that mean?  It means you’ve had something happen in your life that has changed you, awakened you, and filled you with passion and purpose.

For me, it meant a longing for something with more depth.  I was at a stage of being disconnected from life and living.  I wanted to feel alive again, feel like I had a purpose to why I was here, feel connected to people with meaning and mission.  I fell away from my church as I felt condemned due to divorce, I was held down in chains of guilt for some of my past actions, and my heart ached for my children that I would not get to see every day going forward.  I was struggling with relationships, and wondered why life had to be so difficult?  Until one day when a friend invited me to attend her church… I think you’ll really like it, Lisa!  Okay, I thought.  What do I have to lose?

On this day in the blink of an eye, my road that I was traveling on, disappeared with a thud to my heart!  I entered the church and was kindly greeted with a handshake and smile:)  I felt like I belonged immediately, and we stood to listen to one of the opening songs from the band.  As I listened to each word they sang… the meaning, the longing, the joy and smiles the band illuminated out to us.  It was like beams of light shining down from heaven!  I thought to myself—I want to feel like that!  The opening lyrics…Sometimes I think, what will people say of me, when I’m only just a memory when I’m home where my soul belongs.  Was I love?  When I heard these lyrics something happened to me…something incredible, something indescribable, something that I’ve never had happen before, and is impossible to explain!  What I do know is the road ahead disappeared at that very moment, and nothing in my life has been the same since.