All seasons of life end whether we like it or not. Just as winter’s breath is on its last, we know that Spring is about to be sprung! The birds will start singing, the snow will melt and transform into water to give mother earth a big drink, the flowers will bloom, and the grass and leaves will be green with new LIFE.

As with any season outside, our lives are a season as well. As we travel the highway of life, we have seasons of SUMMER where the warmth of the air and scent of the rose bring great joy. We have seasons of growth in our lives like SPRING with fresh new grass. We witness the colorful transformation of others just like the leaves in the FALL. We also know that when snow sticks to the trees in the WINTER, it adds a kiss of beauty to the brown landscape.

Don’t let your Season’s of Life get you down. Don’t stay stuck in your mind in the season of WINTER where things are cold and snowy. Don’t stand still in any season! Remain positive, continue to look up to the sky, and remember we all stand united in this season of winter together…even though it may be long and brutal this year, Spring is around the corner. Embrace it in mind and body with new life in full bloom!