Have you ever been sought out for your wisdom?  Wisdom can only be given when one has traveled down a road or pathway.  This blog was just inspired from another entreprenuer seeking my advice with many, many questions about her own business.  This is what I told her:  one thing to remember is the path is never laid out.  You have to take a step and see if you need to adjust/modify or go in an entire new direction.  One does not know the right way until they try.  Along with trying you will fail–many times.  Which is good because you learn.  Listen to your inner direction as it will tell you the way to go.  No one can give you the path.  You have to discover it on your own. 

Others can give you advice from their own journeys, but remember that is not your journey.  Take what you can from others, but always go back to your own path.  The only thing I can give you is my own lessons.  I’ve read a lot of self development books along my journey too.  Remember… if your path is meant to be and you believe in it, then God will send you the people, the circumstances, and the opportunities.  You just need to pay attention when he does.  It is not easy—Far from it!!!   Advice can only be given when one has traveled a path or road.