welcome to vase of life wholesale!

~ Elisha

I LOVE this concept! Such a beautiful way to send a warm greeting & a forever keepsake with your flowers!!!

~ Brenda

We love Vase of Life and Vaselets! They are the perfect way to dress up plain old glass vases and just add that something special for loved ones to have a keepsake! Lisa is great to work with, she stands behind her product and its meaning!

~ Renee

Vaselets is not just the sharing of a message, a kind word, or a symbol of love and caring, but it affords an opportunity for me to share a little of Lisa’s life with others and her passion for people. Each Vaselet and gift set that has been created is with you in mind. When you purchase your Vaselets, please know that a little bit of Lisa’s love and faith is within each of the messages you will share with others; and to others, it now carries with it love and thought from you. Vaselets is more than a gift of metal, leather, and gemstones but a gift of love beyond eternity.

~ Becky

I love the sentiments displayed by Vaselets! They make a gift of flowers or a candle much, much more personal and thoughtful. They are also great quality products!

~ Andrea

I love Lisa’s Vaselets!! I use them at home and have bought several to include on flowers or candles for gifts. Lisa features so many beautiful styles and messages that they are a perfect addition to any gift. Sharing love for others and God at the same time.

~ Lisa

Vaselets make a wonderful gift. I have given them for gifts for all holidays–the Vaselets are unique and add something special!

~ Cheryl

I love how versatile the Vaselets are! I have given them as birthday and Christmas gifts and my daughter used them for her altar decorations for her wedding. I like that you can change the Vaselets for different holidays and occasions.

~ Bob

Beautiful & Heartfelt

Ordered the “Mom” flowers for my mother. They were beautiful! The middle piece is magnetic, interchangeable and even included an extra that says “Love”. What a perfect surprise for saying thanks to my best friend!

~ Geoff & Jen

Beautiful flowers along with a keepsake!

This was such a wonderful and easy process! I love I was able to send these beautiful flowers along with an adorable sentiment. My friend loved them! Would highly recommend.

~ Tracey

Beautiful Happy Birthday flowers 💐

So beautiful! Love how fresh they were, vibrant colors, and the perfect amount of greenery and baby’s breath! Highly recommend 💕

~ Kyrie

Beautiful flowers and vase

The flowers and vase arrived very well packaged. These flowers were beautiful and arrived in a very nice vase! The next day they bloomed even more and I was in love with the bright colors. The flowers filled the vase full!!! The “Mom” Vaselet charm around the vase was a very beautiful addition.

~ Michael

The flowers, vase, Vaselet and sentiments arrived beautifully!

What a GORGEOUS concept! Everything arrived beautifully and she LOVED the thoughtful gift!

~ Nicole

Shipping was very fast. Arrived the next day after ordering. The flowers were beautiful and there were so many. It was very full! I also love that I will be able to use the vase and beautiful Vaselet for other flowers. It could also make a cute bracelet.

We are glad you are here, welcome! Increase your sales and margins with our Vase of Life® wholesale Vaselets. They celebrate and honor life from the beginning with baby to the end with loving memory, and all those life moments in between such as anniversary, birthday, mom, love, welcome home and much more!

They are versatile, allowing you to wrap your bouquets with an extra touch of love. They are magnetic, allowing you to interchange for any life event. They offer meaning after the flowers have faded away as a forever keepsake for your customers. The Vaselets can be used on many home decor items. Simply adjust to use on vases, plants, candles, picture frames, bottles, and various home decor items.

Simply add our images onto your website categories in life events as well as at checkout as an add-on for every purchase to increase your sales. We are here to support your business and offer our marketing package which includes free images and copy for your website, social media channels and online stores.

About Our Mission

To Celebrate and Honor Life from beginning to end & all the cherished moments in between…Anniversary, Birthday, Baby, Loving Memory, Mom, Love, Home & Holidays.


Interchangeable, Magnetic and Collectible

Connect. Inspire. Comfort. Heal.


“The best add-on in the business.”

Tom Boesen

Boesen The Florist

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