Have you ever experienced the freedom of sailing? The wind in your face, the taste of the salty waters when they touch your lips, and the wind rustling through your hair in the hot, humid afternoon.  There’s something to be said about riding the waves in this natural state of being.  One can’t rely on a motor to rescue them if the wind doesn’t catch your sail and blow you back to shore.  There isn’t a back up plan if the wind decides to spin around and around or die completely.   My husband and I decided to sail on our recent trip to Jamaica.  To be safe, we had a young man well versed in sailing take us out on the tropical waters of the Caribbean.  

As we left the shore, the young man was very happy to be helping us sail on the turquoise beautiful waters.  I’ve always wondered about the colors of the water and why the ocean takes on different colors?  Bright turquoise, to green, to dark?  He told us it is because of the sand at the bottom of the ocean, and the reflection of the sky on the water reveals the colors.  Very interesting, I thought to myself.  Onto the next question like a little kid would pose.  I asked about the bright star that shines at night far beyond what any other stars in the galaxy do over Jamaica?  He told me it was the morning and evening star…it is the first star to shine at night, and the last star to fade in the darkness of night.  That seemed to fit a theme on the island with the almond tree which is the first to blossom, but the last to bear fruit.  

When one sails out on the deep waters of the ocean, you must pay close attention to the wind and which direction it is blowing.  If you watch the waves, they will be your guide to the source of the wind.  As the wind whips and catches your sail, it will steer you in the right direction to go which is always safe back to shore/home.   Don’t fight the wind, for it is your friend when sailing the waters of the infinite oceans.