As you travel down the road of life, do you stop along the way to ask where you’re going? Do you pause and breathe in the wildflower fragrance blooming alongside the road? Do you smell the clean and crispness of the Spring rain as it falls from the heavens? Do you watch the eagle in flight, and wish you could soar like wings of eagles into the sunset?

The Road of Life is winding, full of adventure, uncertainty, and each of us holds the key to our own road. Do we hold our key so tightly that our road is filled with straight lines and zero curves to try something new? Do we hold our key loosely without any passion or purpose and hope it takes us where we want to go? Does our key take us down the paths of life that we select or where we are guided to travel?

As with any road, the Road of Life can throw you a curve ball at anytime so be prepared to catch it. Don’t try to figure out your road, as you will only get frustrated if the road changes. Don’t let the potholes in your road slow you down, but be certain to always proceed with caution. Don’t let others determine or persuade you which road you should travel down.

Your Winding Road was designed specifically for you and not anyone else. It isn’t designed for you to keep trying to analyze it, change it, or wish it was something different. It was designed for you… It is filled with curves for you to grow when you try new things. It is filled with steepness as sometimes we have to try harder to get to where we are going. It is filled with mountains on the side of the road to remind us that everyone’s life has peaks and valleys. It is filled with oceans of water that cleanse our spirit and revitalize our soul. Sing a song on your road, play on your road, laugh on your road, and wave at those you meet along the way. Enjoy the ride of life!