Do you ever wonder what Heaven is like? Do you believe a window will open when it is time for your spirit to fly to the heavens? When faced with tough answers, my response is always the same. We will never know this side of heaven. Our faith is what anchors us this side of heaven to trust in a better place for those who suffer and are ready to fly out the window to heaven.

I believe heaven is where the blind shall see again, where those who suffer will rest in comfort and healing, and where loved ones unite and embrace once again. Heaven is where the flowers forever bloom, and the floral scents forever fill the sky. Heaven is a place where the doves sing their song of peace all day long, and where the weight of this world is no longer holding us down. The road to heaven is filled with memories of our loved ones knowing they are in a better place, and where we will be joining them someday.

The road to heaven is bittersweet….Sadness not being able to see or talk to our loved ones in person, but knowing they are finally at rest, and hopefully running down those heavenly streets of gold. If there is a window for our souls to fly out from… I hope the windows open wide, and the soft breeze wraps us in love and carries us home.