Do you often hear people say… things will never change!  Do you believe people and situations can change right before your eyes?  Granted, it doesn’t happen overnight, but when positive change comes it brings a smile to my face.   Along with the smile, it brings more peace and hope knowing that if a seed is planted, and taken care of, it will bear fruit.  It will be ripe for picking, and it will bring a testimony of truth and light.  Light that will illuminate the darkness, light that will cast out fear and doubt, and light that will guide us all down our purposeful paths.  To change means to be broken so you can become empty, and then heal.  Once you become empty, you can be filled with something other than yourself.

My husband and I literally experienced the winds of change in our home.  We attended the home show recently, and decided to move our outdoor furniture upstairs.  This simple change has created a desire to sit outside together, to talk to each other more, to listen to the leaves rustle in the wind, and to watch the trees dance when the wind is really strong.  We’ve also recently witnessed the wind completely change in the opposite direction while sitting out in our new (reused) space.   A domino effect from a simple shift in furniture, and in our behaviors/ thoughts has made our home a different place to live in.  The changing in the winds has made such a major shift in our lives.  Be open to change, and be refreshed to know that things do not have to stay the way they are now.  Be willing to ride the waves of change, and let them guide you where they want you to go.

Sidewalk Prophets Song:  Keep Making Me…make me broken to heal and change, make me empty so I can filled, make me lonely so I can by yours.